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Nystagmus Spectacle
by Dr. Blessing
  Type 723   Nystagmus Spectacle with:

- fixed lenses

- Bajonet interlocking

- adjustable battery hold

- universal applicable

Nystagmus Spectacle with Bajonet interlocking and battery hold by Dr. Blessing

Type 723
Fig. 1: Nystagmus Spectacle Type 723
Modern vestibular diagnostic demands a high degree of precision in the search for spontaneous and provoked nystagmus. In many cases, a correct diagnosis may only be achieved by using the complicated technology of electronystagmography (ENG).
The new Nystagmus glasses by Dr. Blessing represent an easy to handle alternative. With the new glasses nystagmus intensity reaches 80% and amplitude reaches 99% of the magnitude obtained by electronystagmography under closed eyelids.
The spectacles will be illuminated indirectly so that no light reflexes may occur that lead to an undesired nystagmus-hindering fixation of the patient. As an direct illumination will be prevented through a shielding of the light bulbs, the appearance of the Purkinje`s figure that may induce a pseudo-spontaneous nystagmus, which is easily mistaken for spontaneous nystagmus, can be excluded.
Thanks to the new bajonet connection and the different connection wires, the Nystagmus Spectacle can be quickly transformed into spectacle that are suitable for various examination e.g. for storing or examinations on swivel-chairs. By using the corresponding components the Nystagmus Spectacle come up to the individual expectations of the doctor.
The examination with interior spectacles illumination takes place in a darkened room. Through the interior illumination of the spectacles the patientīs optical contact to its environment will be interrupted (elimination of the nystagmus-hindering fixation). At the same time the highly illuminated eyes are easily observable under magnifying glasses. By this, pathological nystagmus reaction is very often traceable when looking straight on, which without spectacles, even when looking sideways, is not clearly or not at all distinguishable.
Connection wire DEHAG
Type 7.23.06


Fig. 2: Connection wire DEHAG Type 7.23.06

In order to provide the Nystagmus Spectacle with power, you can use the connection wire Type 7.23.06 to connect it with the bajonet connection. After that it can be connected with the DEHAG-Regulating transformer or with the DEHAG-Battery container instead of using the battery hold.

Replacement Cover
Type 57.20.02


Fig. 3: Replacement Cover Type 57.20.02

The cover ensures the shielding of the light bulb and guarantee an indirect illumination of the Nystagmus Spectacle.

  Bajonet wire
Type 7.23.05


Fig. 4: Bajonet wire Type 7.23.05

The bajonet wire Type 7.23.05 connects the Nystagmus Spectacle with the battery hold and thus allows a mobile and flexible working independent of the power supply. In this combination it is especially ideal for examinations on swivel-chairs.

Replacement Lamp
Type 507


Fig. 5: Replacement Lamp Type 507

The Nystagmus Spectacle Type 723 can be operated with a 4 Volt; 0.23 Ampere; 1 Watt replacement lamp. (Thread diameter: 3.5 x 0.35mm).

  Clip-head strap
Type 5.21.08


Fig. 6: Clip-head strap Type 5.21.08

Should one of the variety of wires be used, the clip-head strap provides a secure fixation of the spectacle in front of the patient's eyes. This allows an easy search for spontaneous and provoked nystagmus e.g. through shaking the head, storing or examinations on swivel-chaires.
The clip-head strap can be removed from the slits of the Nystagmus Spectacle by slightly pressing it together.

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